Individual activities


We see management coaching as a professional instrument that aims to provide clarity about oneself and one's own position, to strengthen skills and to extend options. Coaching builds up leadership skills by encouraging self-awareness and tuning the coachee's antennae towards the external environment.
An immutable indication for the success of coaching activity is the demonstrable and lasting positive change in behaviour in the coachee. We don't see coaching as a kind of black box, but rather as a transparent process in which a coachee's immediate superiors or HR should be integrated into the initialisation and evaluation phase. The starting point for coaching activity is a development plan we compile with the coachee on the basis of a clear formulation of goals and diagnostic assessment.
In its methodology, coaching is a combination of systematic reflection, personal feedback, practical training in behavioural alternatives weighted according to the individual situation. The aim is the development of a convincing personal strategy to increase effectiveness in relation to corporate goals.


A special form of coaching is transition coaching. Transition coaching accompanies the manager along his path to break new ground. A change of function or role often calls upon coachees to extend their lines of options to be able to face up to corporate imperatives to action. The key factor is to integrate the manager's potential into the new system - into novel situations, new networks and into a new culture. Often, a company simply does not have the time to guide the manager through this initial phase. In collaboration with the company, transition coaching develops potential success scenarios and procedures that help managers come up to speed in their new situation. We mobilise personal potential to overcome these challenges.


We also run conflict coaching (mediation) programmes when two or more parties in an organization seek our help in finding ways of working together more effectively again. Here, we conduct interviews up front to come to terms with the individual perspectives and goals.  Over a series of sessions, we subsequently sit down with the people concerned to clear the air, to move from problem focus to solution focus and to develop the foundation of a new path of working constructively with each other.  In such a programme, we never adopt a neutral role, but actively support all parties.


Our services at a glance: potential analysis, individual assessment, assessment centres, management audits, development and implementation of feedback procedures - focusing on 360° feedback, personality and performance evaluations and employee performance systems. We work together with you to develop an intelligent recruitment process and train your HR staff and managers in the tidy application of these methods.

  • We promote the deployment of your staff in areas best suited to their talents, encouraging greater satisfaction at work and greater efficiency. At the same time, we support senior management when it comes to filling key positions.
  • Our experience has shown that the 360° feedback procedure is an invaluable tool in building up leadership skills and for guiding career development within the company. Nobody can work, manage or lead effectively without beginning to understand the effect they have on others. 360° feedback provides managers with information on how their leadership behaviour is actually perceived from a variety of perspectives. This information is vital in assessing concrete development needs and in providing for personal reflection on one's own style of leadership. Managers don't become effective leaders because of their position, but only when their people give their permission for them to lead - and that, as we all know, depends on the impact they have. This is why we believe every manager should have the chance to receive systematic feedback. Following discussion with you, 360° feedback can be carried out orally or in writing.