Programmes and Skills Training

With a strong focus on the needs of your target group, we work in collaboration  to develop an innovative, bespoke development programme. Our projects here include planning, organisation, moderation, implementation and transfer monitoring.

Potentials and Young Leaders  often require skills   in issues such as fundamental leadership, presenting to decision makers, professional negotiating, communication and feedback as well in as project management and self-management.

For more advanced leaders, we provide modules such as personal effectiveness and persuasiveness, change management, communication skills, conflict moderation, self-management, stress management and cross-cultural management.
All such modules are experientially based. At the end, you will not have heard how to 'do it properly', but you will know how to implement it personally. The spotlight is always thrown on three perspectives:  leading yourself, leading individual employees and leading team.

Executives are usually well trained and have little need for traditional development activities. For them, value-added is achieved by active networking and the exchange of ideas with professional peers. For senior management, our leadership lounge provides scope for cross-boundary networking and exchange between decision makers from other companies. Within the scope of this programme, and in feedback with participating executives, current and future-oriented leadership issues are prepared for discussion and the exchange of ideas.