Team activities

We draw on four different team activities whose goals and objectives are briefly sketched out below.

"EXCEL!" (Team Advantage)

What distinguishes average team from those teams that want to achieve something exceptional? And how can that famous extra mile needed for high performance be mobilised? Winning is a head thing, losing too. You need special scope outside daily operations to help a successful team move to the next highest level. Given increasing pressures of time and performance, the path towards becoming a high-performance team can be, and  has to be, managed and accelerated professionally. We accompany you either continuously or at agreed milestones along this path. To become a team that can unfold its potential to the full and can maintain it and ...  celebrate success. Our team performance coaching helps leadership teams to prepare for challenges that lie ahead, to review their current situation and to boost their optimisation potential. Of course, we are also on hand afterwards to ensure that stay on course to achieve further success and to help you get the best out of your team - even when times get tough.

"ONE SMILE AHEAD" (Start-up Teams)

When teams are newly formed or when a new leader takes over, the key point for the manager is to be convincing. In economically difficult times and given the apparent shortage of junior managers, it is the task of management to excite their staff for the mission ahead, to retain them and to promote employee engagement.  At the same time, clear roles have to be defined and the team guided to work on the same page, with the result that everyone knows what is expected of them, what they have to do, where priorities lie and how to work as a unit. This team-building workshop aims at identifying common goals, agreeing clear basic standards for working together and at building up courage, determination and trust on the emotional side to develop a winning mentality within the team. We achieve this through an intensive mix of focused working units and more experiential team-building activities.

"CLEAR THE DECKS FOR ACTION" (Project kick-off)

This team activity is for project teams that want to kick-off a special project with a special event. The activity focuses the team on the project, aligns team members with project goals and familiarises them with the project road map. Subsequent activities are run during the project. These not only provide an opportunity for team members to address hurdles and stumbling blocks that may be essential to the project and to work them through,  such activities are also important to celebrate project milestones.

'CONSTRUCTING EASE' (Conflict Resolution)

Conflict situations arise whenever and wherever people get together. They are a natural component of interpersonal relations. Conflict is often regards as unprofessional, especially at the workplace. However conflict situations are actually a chance for team members to grow together given the fact that psychological strain also drives a personal will to change. Nevertheless, conflict situations also come with their risks as they can considerably jeopardise team performance. This workshop is aimed at teams that start to stumble and grate - for whatever reason. This workshop aims at revealing barriers within the team and work these out in peace and without apportioning blame. For this to work, a culture of feedback and openness has to be reactivated and mistrust has to be eradicated. This programme has a powerful effect on easing difficult situations for teams. It focuses energy on the tasks ahead again and forms a new basis for the whole team.