Graduate in psychology


  • Designing and implementing potential analytical activities, Management diagnostics
  • Programme development, PlanningĀ  and runningĀ  leadership programmes
  • Running performance-enhancing and qualifying team coaching programmes, cultural change as part of team building processes
  • Senior management coaching, executive team coaching
  • Career coaching aimed at developing the personality and talents potential of young and high potentials
  • Conflict intervention at all levels
  • Accompanying change in special projects, such as carve outs, post-merger integration processes, site closures, developing new fields of business, wide-area introductions of new IT systems, family companies (transfer, development, etc.)
  • Consulting international and organisational projects, issues of remote management and cross culture.


  • Psychology and Management Studies at the Free University Berlin, the Technical University of Aachen and the University of Hamburg.
  • Junior researcher in space psychology at the Institute of Aerospace Medicine (DLR) in Hamburg
  • Ph.D. undertaken alongside work
  • Management position coordinating the recruitment of operators working in complex technical systems, development of the assessment center area (DLR), personnel diagnostics for aspiring pilots (Lufthansa), suitability tests for flight captains for various airlines, suitability tests for air-traffic controllers (DFS, Eurocontrol). 10 years' experience in management diagnostics
  • Design and implementation of a team-building programme for astronauts as part of a research project for the Canadian Space Agency. Design and implementation of leadership competence trainings as part of pilot training at Lufthansa
  • Interim manager (HR department at Cims GmbH (today, Affinion International)
  • Since 2001, freelance management consultant for medium-sized and multinational enterprises, in Germany and abroad
  • 2007 Founder of Leadership Architecture


  • 4-year training inspired by Gestalt therapy
  • Various additional courses (system-oriented management, organisational consulting, project management, group dynamics)
  • Continuous supervision